Why Gecko? Discover our advantages

The Gecko® brackets are ideal for a quick, easy and sustainable installation of a new facade.

Quick and easy:

  • Can be placed and aligned by 1 person
  • Fast alignment = up to 40% faster assembly time
  • Standard mounting bolts
  • Alignment can be done with screws as well as with gas / pressure
  • No special tools required

Different applications:

  • 3 brackets for all applications

BG210: mineral wool applications (vertical twill structure)

BG110: PUR applications (vertical twill structure)

BG90H: PUR applications (horizontal and / or angled* twill structure)

  • Extra large margin for alignment up to even 90 mm
  • Ideal for renovation applications

* placed up to a 30° angle, subject to installation guidelines.


  • No thermal bridges
  • Made from 100% recycled material