The bracket calculator for your facade project

With our bracket calculator, anyone, private or professional, can calculate the number of Gecko brackets they need according to their facade project. Fill in the required data below according to the technical specifications of the cladding you have chosen. Once you have filled in all the fields, you will have access to the result of the calculation.


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The advantages of Gecko brackets

With our three brackets you can install any type of cladding horizontally, vertically and diagonally. They are designed to create a simple and faster alignment for a supporting structure for any type of ventilated cladding that is installed floating, with or without insulation.


This cladding system eliminates cold bridges and is ideal for renovation applications. It can easily be installed by one person and is made of 100% recycled material.

Use the bracket calculator

    Current surface/structure*:

    Surface area of your project (m²)*:

    Here you enter the total m² of your facade project.


    Here you indicate the exact location of your project.

    Cladding height in m*:


    Here you choose the direction of your battens/beams, this is usually the opposite direction than your cladding. E.g. you want to install wooden horizontal sidings, then you choose vertical battens.

    Desired mounting distance (mm)*:

    Here you choose the desired mounting distance of your chosen cladding. E.g. you have chosen wooden sidings that, according to your wood supplier, should be fixed every 45cm, then choose 450mm.

    Insulation type*:

    This is where you choose the type of insulation material.

    Insulation thickness (mm)*:

    Specify the thickness of the insulation material you selected.

    Weight of cladding (kg/m²)*:

    Here you note the weight of your cladding. You can find this in the technical sheet of the manufacturer of the chosen cladding.


    Here you can choose the thickness of the wooden battens or aluminium profile you want to work with.

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    The Gecko cladding system is the right solution for both new buildings and renovations. The possibilities offered by our brackets are unlimited. Get inspired by our projects for your facade project.